Your Cause.

Content for Justice.

I bring the foundations of these fields together to create whatever content your cause needs & work best with brands in the justice sector - barristers, mediators, criminal law podcasters, & justice-based NGOs/NFPs.
My somewhat odd combination of academics and creativity allows me to offer services which mostly fall into two categories:
I have degrees in Laws (First Class Honours), Psychological Science, and a whole lotta self-taught branding, marketing, & creativity knowledge.

Hey, I'm Mads. I am, in a phrase, a creator of content. Whether it's an entire brand identity, case research, or simple email copy, I'm your gal.


  • Brand Briefs
  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • Social Media Setup & Content


  • Legal Research*
  • Blog Writing
  • Podcast Research & Scripts



Who do I work with?

NFPs, NGOs & Social Enterprises
Branding is simply invaluable when it comes to asking an audience to buy-in to your cause. Your brand becomes your currency. Your value-add.
Do you have an organisation with a cause? Human rights? Environmental protection? Dispute resolution? Head to the Let's Talk button at the bottom of this page so we can find out what we can achieve together.
Sole Practitioners & Lawyers
As a sole practitioner - barrister, mediator, independent solicitor - YOU are your brand. However, many practitioners rely on their affiliations or chambers without a brand & website of their own. This also means your information, services, & publications may be spread across multiple platforms.
I can help consolidate these into a single website, linked to social media & email, building a virtual foundation to reflect your authority.

Want to find out how we can collaborate on your cause?

Book a free, 18 minute (3 unit) call  so we can get in touch and discuss how we can work together to build your authority, brand, or content (or all three!).

*Nothing on this website nor provided in any work product is intended to be legal advice and should not relied upon as legal advice.