Hey, that's me.

Well, my parents named me Madeleine, but no three-syllable name lasts a day in Aus without being shortened & I like to keep it classy with an S rather than a Z, ya know?

Now that that's sorted, on to the 'About Me' details you came here to read...


I was 12 when I decided I was going to be a lawyer.


Actually, I decided to be a judge, but only because I thought that was the top of the ladder in criminal justice, & that was where I was determined to climb.

I was that kid who spent lunch time in the library & volunteered to change the return stamp date each morning. Primary school, high school, & university - I've always been on a first name basis with the librarians. In fact, I'm not sure why I didn't decide to become one.

But, it was at the annual school book fair where 5th grade me spent all my pocket money on a pink fluffy pen, a colourful eraser, & the book that would be the key to my future.


Thinking back, I can't believe ‘The Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science’ was available to a bunch of primary school kids... it held some pretty gruesome crime scene pictures. However, it also detailed the court process - trials, appeals, inquiries, & commissions.


From then on, I would rush home after school to watch Judge Judy & looked forward to the holidays when I would sit side-by-side with my nan watching the investigation and crime channel on her Foxtel.


I had decided... I was going to law school.


Psychology was added to my interest list (NB: a VERY long list) in high school as I sought to understand crime. Why it happened, how it could be prevented, & how victims recovered from it.

Between high school and university I spent some time adventuring, with several weeks spent on a little dairy farm in the middle of South Africa, learning from a professional wedding and family photographer. I'd always loved photography, but since given the opportunity to get to know my way around my new camera, I haven't been able to put it down since.

Then law school felt like coming home. I remember getting 14.5/15 on my first contracts assignment & I knew I’d found my place.


My foundation course in legal systems was essentially moot (pun intended) as I'd read my legal skills text books back to front & practically could have taught the course myself. But I love learning, & I wanted to know more. I followed the lecturer around & asked for more books & resources. Over the next 5 years I would find many mentors & law-lovers who were just as passionate about sharing their knowledge. They shaped my law school experience, exposing me to as many areas of law as my mind could absorb.


As life does, there were some unexpected loop-the-loops along the way. In the middle of law school, through circumstances unforeseen, I deferred my studies and found myself working full time in a marketing firm. I had worked for barristers and solicitors at that point, seeing my law classes in action. But I hadn't seen psychology in the real world (beyond the lying on a couch being asked "how does the make you feel?" trope). Until then. Carl Jung became my new bestie as I read 5 kilo books on archetype marketing. I watched psychology applied to brands I'd seen every day and began questioning my own buying decisions.

It's been several years since then, and I've completed my undergraduate studies, but I've always been determined not to silo my passions. So here we are - psychology-based creative services tailored for the legal & justice sector.

*Nothing on this website nor provided in any work product is intended to be legal advice and should not relied upon as legal advice.