Quality does not sacrifice



Just as a case follows a process through the justice system, FJM's Brand Brief has its own process...

Investigation + Discovery


Here we'll ensure we're on the same page about your goals, needs, & desired outcomes & find out what you want in your brand.



I'll then draft initial Pleadings, recording what we know from I&D & clarifying on paper any other details.




Then we'll proceed to the back & forth of Pre-trial Motions. I'll present initial drafts/ideas & we can arrive at an Agreed Statement of Facts (i.e. your brand!)



Finally, we'll arrive at Settlement, where I hand over the Brand Brief and all of the files with weird extensions like .svg, .psd, & .ai that you'll need.
This is where you sit back and relax (or keep working hard as usual) while I work hard to create your brand, website, and/or social media.
What's special about a Brand Brief?
I follow a structure, not a "fill in the blank" template. This means I create a brief in your branding, so you not only read what your branding SHOULD look like, you actually SEE it.
As a law graduate and GDLP/PLT Trainee, I "get" the legal world, so can provide a tailored service with a deeper understanding of your content & what you need.
Available individually or as part of a Brand Brief
What happens after Settlement?
You've got your brand, website, & social media all set up, but what now? No, you don't have to learn how to maintain them, because I can continue to do it for you on a monthly basis. I can maintain & update your website &/or create content for social media.
Have a new publication? A new written piece to add to your site? Just send them to me and I can keep these consolidated on your site.



Don't pay someone to sit in the office twiddling their thumbs because it's a slow day, or be in desperate need of some quick research on the office law student's day off.
When forced, we've realised how much can be done remotely. You no longer need someone in the office to respond to research requests quickly.
Having been a research clerk in a range of workplaces throughout law school, from a top tier to local chambers, I have experience across criminal law, family law, personal injury & negligence, commercial litigation, wills & estates, & public international law.
Whether you need research on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, I can help. Case summaries, topical blog posts or newsletters, comprehensive research memos, proofreading, document drafting - I love it all. But, what you might need from month to month is likely unique, so book a complimentary 18 minute (3 unit) call below and we can discuss how I can be of most help to you.
Disclaimer: I am not a qualified legal professional and cannot provide legal advice. No research or information I provide should be considered legal advice nor should it be relied upon as legal advice. All reasonable attempts will be made to ensure the accuracy of information, and sources will be provided where relevant, but no work should be relied upon as legal advice.

*Nothing on this website nor provided in any work product is intended to be legal advice and should not relied upon as legal advice.